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Best Cloud Tattoos for Men

Is there anything more lovely than a cloud? Yes, they’re a common weather phenomenon that we see every day of our lives, and so they can sometimes become boring and redundant. But take a minute to look up at the sky and examine a cloud closely. Whether they are light and fluffy against a clear blue sky or dark and ominous to indicate that rain is coming, there’s a lot of beauty in clouds.

Given their understated beauty, it’s only natural that clouds be found in artwork, including tattoos. You’ll be surprised how frequently clouds make their way into someone’s tattoos. To be fair, sometimes they’re merely in the background, but there are also times when they are a key part of what a person is trying to convey with their body art. Often, they are simple and easy for the tattoo artist to draw, but they have the potential to be quite powerful.

Part of why clouds are so appealing in tattoos is that they are so versatile. Some people use them to help create a scene of nature. Some people use them as part of religious imagery. Finally, some people choose to put them front and center as the main focus of their tattoo, often making them look realistic as a part of the sky that can summon rain and lightning upon those below. Here are just a few of the many ways that people incorporate clouds into their tattoo artwork.


Rowing Under the Sky Shining on Ship Ship in the Clouds Single Bird


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