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Best Demon Tattoos For Men

In many ways, the history of humankind is the history of good vs evil. While evil can take many forms, it’s long been personified in the form of demon creatures. Nearly all ancient civilizations and major religions mention some form of demonic spirits that bring evil into the world or possess the souls of unsuspecting people. The mythology and folklore of demons from centuries past remains a fascination of people today, as we still see demons in literature, movies, and other forms of media and entertainment.

Along the way, many have depicted demons in artwork, using their imagination to envision what these demons might actually look like. While somewhat crude and frightening at times, there’s no denying the artistic brilliance in the way that demons have been drawn over the years. Naturally, this incredible artwork has led countless people to turn demonic artwork into tattoos that will be on their body forever.

Of course, getting a tattoo of a demon doesn’t necessarily make one an evil or Satanic person. Instead, they can simply be a way a person chooses to display masculinity, mystery, or a strong personality. Depending on the culture or religion, demons can have an almost endless amount of meanings, so it’s impossible to draw conclusions about one without asking someone about the meaning behind their tattoo. On top of all of that, a demon tattoo can just be a great way to put some amazing artwork on your body. No matter the reason or meaning behind them, here are 100 awesome demon tattoos for men.

Super Scary

Surrounded by Skulls Tentacles The Devil Sleeps Demon with Fangs


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