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Best Dragon Tattoos for Men

It might sound like a cliche, but is there anything cooler than a dragon tattoo? As far as mythical creatures are concerned, it doesn’t get much better than dragons. They’re massive creatures that come in all different colors and they’re capable of breathing fire. The part about breathing fire should be enough to make everyone at least consider getting a dragon tattoo. It also can’t hurt that there was an amazing movie with that phrase in the title.

The amazing thing about dragons, aside from the obvious, is that different cultures portray them in different ways. Sometimes they have wings and sometimes they don’t. Some cultures view dragons as these great beasts that must be conquered or tamed while others portray dragons as gentle giants or solitary creatures. There’s no universal image of a dragon, meaning everything is in the eye of the beholder and open to interpretation.

When it comes to getting dragon tattoos, there is a near-endless amount of creative freedom. Some people want a tattoo of a nice dragon while others prefer a ferocious dragon. Some want a dragon that’s specific to a certain culture while others come up with their own vision of what a dragon should look like. The bottom line is that there are countless ways to depict a dragon, and with them being such a common tattoo idea, it’s only natural that we show you a few dozen different dragon tattoos, just in case you see one you’d like to emulate.

Thin and Curvy Thin Black Lines Tongue Unleashed Tree of Life Tribal Dragon


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