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Best Rosary Tattoos for Men

Religion is a very big part of many people’s lives. One of the best and more permanent ways of expressing that you are a religious person is by dedicating a tattoo to your faith. The placement does not matter as much as the sentiment and design of your tattoo. If you have been itching to get a religious tattoo as a physical manifestation of your faith in God, then we highly suggest you take a look at these rosary tattoo ideas for men.

The rosary is a very fundamental and essential part of the religion of Catholicism. For this reason, and many others, the rosary is such an important symbol, and having a tattoo designed in a way that incorporates a rosary, you will have a testimony of faith inked on your skin forever. And the best part about rosary tattoos for men is that there are seemingly endless options when it comes to the design, style, placement, and size of your religious rosary tattoo.

Many men might be detered from getting a rosary tattoo because this religious piece can often be perceived as a feminine symbol. But whether you view a rosary as being jewelry or you simply see the Catholic rosary as a string of beads to hold onto during prayers, a rosary tattoo is one of the most symbolic religious tattoo ideas for men.

Here are 115 rosary tattoo ideas for men.

Shaded In Tattoo with Rosary for Men Shaded Inner Bicep Tattoo with Multiple Rosaries Shaded Rosary and Lightbeam Forearm Tattoo Idea Shadow Rosary Tattoo with Names of People You Lofe Shoulder Rose and Rosary Clock Tattoo Idea


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