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Best Samurai Tattoos for Men

There are only a few groups of people in Japanese history and culture that are given more respect and admiration than Samurai. These warriors date back thousands of years and have long represented bravery, honor, and other long-held Japanese values. Of course, they are also known as skilled fighters who will stop at nothing to win the battle. Even in modern times, many people feel an affinity with Samurai and all that they represent.

For some, that admiration runs so deep that they decide to get a Samurai tattoo permanently drawn on their body. It also doesn’t hurt that they look cool and are often seen wielding a sword or two. Of course, the first thing everyone should know about Samurai tattoos is that they are not simple designs, nor are they easy to get. It takes a lot of time and a high pain threshold to get a Samurai tattoo, so when you see someone who has one, know that they are serious in their admiration of Samurai warriors and probably didn’t get it on a whim.

In fact, just about any Samurai tattoo that you’ll find is a true work of art. The artist has to get the shape of the Samurai’s body and his facial expression just right. There are thousands of years of history behind every Samurai tattoo, so everything has to be done perfectly, even if there are complicated patterns and a lot of details included in the tattoo. To give you a better idea of what we mean, here are 60 awesome Samurai tattoos for men.

Half Body Samurai

Hat with Red Dot Head Bowed I Bow Before You In the moonlight


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