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Cool and Classic Roman Numerals Tattoo Designs

Famous for its uncommon way of presentation,super catchy fonts and 3D effect. Being numerals, it provides a great way to display any sort of number, making it especially popular amongst the loved ones.

Roman numerals have been always considered as a sign of how you care for your loved ones and how you want to revive those good old memories of any specific day in your life. Being very tricky, mysterious,interesting and striking all the way, these tattoos are famous for their uncommon font and extraordinary look.

They might be date of birth, date of wedding, date of birth of children or someone special or any other significant life events. If you are a person who believes in numerology and consider a number as lucky, or particularly important to you, then now you have a chance of getting the same tattooed!!

The latest trend in tattoos is the Romanian numeral tattoos.

1. The Collarbone Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs1

It makes you feel and look more than just beautiful and cute, “Gorgeous”.

2. Carved Sexy Back Neck Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs2

Isn’t it cute to be noticed from your back? It works best for the woman who works at a public place, needed to have her body covered. It’s cute when she walks around.

3. Forearm Roman Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs3

Aren’t these tattoos super cute? The uncommon font and the black ink has spilled its magic. The small heart symbols at either end signifies the warmth of this lovely relationship. Making the date as special as their love.

3. Sexy back neck tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs4

This tattoo is having several numbers bears significant value in the individual’s life. carving the date they met, got engaged or married is an awesome visual treat to either partner. It looks so attractive because of its simplicity and obviously right placement.

4. Right collarbone tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs5

This tattoo is an epitome of beauty, simplicity and elegance. The simplicity and the message hidden is the ultimate charmer. This tattoo is beyond perfection. The perfect dress elevates its charm even more.

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