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the Coolest Body Tattoo Designs for Women

If you are looking to get a full body tattoo, make sure you are committed to the tattoo that you choose. It’s going to cover a lot if not all of your body so you really need to make sure that you love it. Tattoos are more popular then ever these days, just about everyone is getting a tattoo.

Tattoo are a form of body modification, that much we all know. You can google tattoos and come up with pretty much anything you could veer hope for. Back in the day tattoos were seen as a rite of passage or a form of religious ritual. These days, tattoos are a way for one to express their own individual tastes and passions.

If a full body tattoo is what you are looking for make sure you do your research and really enjoy what you are getting. It’s going to last a lifetime and there’s really no way to avoid a full body tattoo. Get a reputable artist to complete the tattoo so that you are left with something you are really going to enjoy.

Below are a bunch of great looks for both women who are interested in a large tattoo:

the Coolest Body Tattoo Designs for Women

1. This tattoo literally covers most of the body, front to back from the shoulders to the calves. Aside from some gold this tat is primarily black and white. It fits together perfectly though, in sync.


Full body tattoo designs for men and women70

2. This full body tattoo goes from the tips of the fingers all the way to the toes. Color is a big theme here. A lot of the designs are cryptic and they almost look hand drawn.

Full body tattoo designs for men and women2

3. This uniform design is beautiful and colorful, covering most of her body. It’s a huge commitment and something you just can’t cover up so make sure it’s something you love. There are a lot of skulls attached to the theme of the tattoo.

Full body tattoo designs for men and women3

4. For a woman this is a gorgeous tattoo because of the thick and vibrant colors associated with it. The skull on the arm is cute and fits right in. The tattoos don’t cover her entire body so the splashes of color against her pale skin look even more vibrant.

Full body tattoo designs for men and women9

5. The designs on this tattoo are elegant and they all flow together. The images are themed together. The full body tattoo causes endless excitement to an already sexy girl.

Full body tattoo designs for men and women11

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